April 02, 2010

We went on Front Runner Train to Ogden today...so fun. The trip flies by way too fast.
Our little caterpillars that we are waiting to have turn into butterflies have tripled in size! It is fun to look at them each morning and see them change. Next step will be the "chrysalid" stage...probably next Monday.
Our good old Daniel came back this past week!! it was so good to see him again. He has had a wonderful stay down south in the warmth.


Beau's mom said...

If the butterflies are smart, they will stay "inside" till Mother Nature here in Utah decides it is spring! A butterfly that need to be "de-iced", just isn't natural!

ColleenDown said...

Finally figured out how to be a "follower" now I will be notified every time you post. Keep up the good work!