March 31, 2010

Hello Everybody. It's Wednesday/Food Bank/walking day. It's SNOWING :( (it is March) so we are not going out to walk today but will be doing a little "warehouse walking" We make a "follow the leader" train with obstacles and loop-de-loops and before you know it a half hour has snuck by! Yesterday was our annual bunny cake day. The kids love decorating their cakes and do so with great focus.
Colleen , Andy's mom gave the Center a "Live Butterfly Garden". It includes a little jar of worm like creatures which are getting larger every day.They are still in the "larvae" form but we are patiently watching for them to change to the "chrysalid" form after which they will eventually become butterflies! We love them and want to say thank you for giving us this fun thing to watch!! (thank you also for another fun day of swimming & sandwiches at your house last Friday) We will take pictures and post them.

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Beau's mom said...

Thank you Andy and Family. Beau came home wearing a bigger than usual smile. (his usual smile is pretty big anyway!). Sounds like all had lots of fun. There is a difference when Beau is in a pool with his friends he feels comfortable with. That is certainly the case with you.
Thanks again...