April 07, 2010

We have more pictures on the blog and some of them are from our fun trip to Clark Planetarium. Also there were some pictures of us with new head phones that were donated by Skull Candy! We took a picture of the kids wearing them and then made a thank you poster for the company and put pictures on it. Also one day we went to Sugar House park to fly our new kites and it was the one and only day in March that didn't blow! It was a beautiful day though and we had a ball on the playground stuff and running the bases at the baseball diamond.
There are also some pictures of Stephanie, Stacy's niece who has been doing her internship with us the past few months. We have been so lucky to have her. The kids love her and she has helped out so much...thank you Stephanie!!
Today for walking we went to the bridge over the Jordan River just west of us here and everyone participated nicely. We went to the park on the other side of the river and swung on the swings. The wind was not too hard or cold...we lucked out.
Our Caterpillars are still in the creepy crawly form, maybe tomorrow they will be ready to become chrysalides. They are at least 10 times the size they were when Andy & Colleen first brought them in. It's very amazing to see them grow so much over night!.