April 22, 2010

We had a very special day yesterday!! Our beautiful students were honored for volunteering at the Utah Food bank!! We were fed a catered lunch. There was a program where different organizations and individuals were recognized for their service at the Bank and our kids got "Group of the Year". They received a beautiful plaque/keepsake (pictured) and got to stand at the front of a nice banquet room and have their picture taken. There were approximately 100 people in attendance, they clapped, our kids smiled...a lot. Over the last year and a half they have volunteered 600 hours sorting and boxing food for those who are less fortunate. Good Job guys!! Thank you Utah Food Bank friends!!!
Our caterpillars are sleeping tightly in their "Chrysalide" stage. We check them 10 times a day to see how they are coming...so interesting!! they started out about the size of a piece of long grain rice and then grew to about 2 inches and are now in a "cacoon" type encasing. Can't wait to see them start flying around in their little habitat. (pictures) We have them being guarded day and night by our brave collection of Power rangers!
UPDATE!!! We just had lunch and cleaned up and then took another peak at the butterflies and one of them is moving and trying to get out! COOL! The kids are so excited.
Last Friday we went to the Canyon school district Tech Center where students are learning cosmetology skills. Kate, Sara, Tawna & Nate all got Manicures. Chad & August got Shaves & August got a haircut too. Stuart, Ashley, & Andy all got pedicures. What a fun thing. We will do it again for certain.
We baked fruit turnovers, cake balls & Sara a birthday cake the last few weeks.