December 08, 2009

We are not going to make any lame excuses as to why we haven't blogged or empty promises that we will more frequently blog....please just know that we are having fun enjoying life and each other here at the center and couldn't be happier.
Beau's cute mom Jan returned from her New Hampshire visit and brought back with her a pizza making kit that Maddy, Beau's niece made at her preschool. We got the pans, the cutter, the laminated recipe sheets, the cheese, pepperoni, yeast and the sauce! The kids loved making the dough from scratch and following the excellent directions. What a thoughtful gift. Thank you for thinking of us! Also a very heart felt "thank you" goes to Darby, Beau's older sister for sending us the game "ZINGO" in the mail. We are excited to play it and will very soon.
A fun time of year is here and we are smack dab in the middle of Christmas carols, Christmas tree (brightly lit!), crafts,and holiday cooking. The center is decorated so festively thanks to Nancy, Kate's mom. She donated her tree and lights. Even though our "participants" are young adults, the excitement of this season still makes them silly and excited. Stacy is the biggest kid ever when it comes to Christmas. She shopped all Thanksgiving night and into the following day just to feel the rush of the season. She got some pretty fantastic deals too.
Some of the activities we have enjoyed these past few weeks have been The Festival of Trees in Sandy, Chuck E Cheese for pizza and games.(a hit). We saw The Christmas Carol movie and have played some "world class" bowling games on Tuesday afternoons. Needless to say we are living the high life here and appreciate every day.
A thank you to the employees at Commercial Lighting who make our lives here enjoyable as well. They interact with our kids (Stan, Rob, Adam, Derek, Demaree) and fix things we break ("Sir Fix-a-lot" Darrell) help us with our computer questions (Demaree) and share our goodies with us (Alberto, Grant, Richard, Bonnie, Maria, David, Craig, and Nataliya).

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Darby said...

We love hearing about all your adventures! Boy, I miss Chuck-E-Cheese. Ours is 30 minutes away! Have a Happy Holiday and thanks for posting pictures!