December 16, 2009

Thank you for the fun comments!
Today we went to the crafts store and got wooden cut outs to paint. They are Christmas themed and so cute. The kids and we are so excited right now. The thought of Christmas and all it brings makes us happy.
Last Friday we went to the Grand America Hotel where they had an Angel Tree set up. We got 4 little boys names. They were ages 3, 4, 5, & 6. We then went to Smith's Market Place and bought them PJ's, socks, toys, shirts and pants. Thank you for the generous donations from so many of you. Jacque, Andy, August, Beau, Nate, Stuart, Daniel & Kate all loved going shopping for the boys.
The Grand America also had a Gingerbread house display that was excellent! We got to look at all of them & their other beautiful decorations.
On baking day we made many holiday foods like green bean casserole, layered jello, garlic potatoes, and cake. We all love Tuesdays. Everyone is getting quite savvy in the kitchen.
Thank you Brittney and Darby again for the fun Gingerbread baking things we got from you. We have already decorated the men and they turned out darling.
Stacy & I were a little stressed about winter coming for fear we would get cabin fever but everyone seems as happy as they were in the summer! Phew!
We are looking forward to our Christmas luncheon at Sara's house this Friday, Can't wait!


Beau's mom said...

We had such an enjoyable evening when "our kids" prepared such a delicious dinner. Your a lighting company, a learning center and now a 5 star restaurant! Thanks to all. If only everyone could witness evenings like that one...the world would be a much better place....

Rob said...

You guys are so busy! I think that's great to do the Angel Tree project. I know Beau loves to shop!