November 13, 2009

We had such a wonderful time today! The kids have been looking forward to this day since the November Calendar came out. We figured out the magical word was "McDonalds". Beau, Kate, April, Andy, Daniel, Stuart, Maddy, August & Nate really liked the Lego display at the Kimball Art Center in Park City also. It was terrific how the artist made 3 dimensional & flat art out of 100's of tiny blocks! Then we had another special treat which was a visit to the Summit County Justice offices where Nate's Dad works as a judge. He gave us a private tour through his Court Room, office, & some holding cells for bad guys. It was quite cool. His security made sure that none of us were "packing heat" before we were allowed in. Thank you Judge "Bruce" for taking the time to share with our kids. Have a great weekend everyone!


Darby said...

McDonalds makes me perk up too! We always joke in our family, if there's something to do in Utah, Beau and his friends have done it! I appreciate all the opportunities he gets with you guys and have to smile when I imagine Beau getting checked for weapons! They must have been concerned he was "packing" when they saw his tatoo!

Jan said...

I'm thankful that is the only time Beau's seen a judge!... just as an informative and friendly visit. That I can Handle.