November 10, 2009

We had a wonderful week last week..On Tuesday we baked a Birthday cake for Daniel. He chose chocolate w/ white frosting and gumdrops. The kids make the cakes and love doing it. On Wednesday morning we volunteered at the Food Bank and got to see their new building. Jennifer gave us a tour before we started working and it's absolutely beautiful! We are happy for them. Aunt Pat came to help us sort food. We love when she comes... she loves it too and has fallen in love with our kids. In the afternoon we walked on the new Legacy Highway Parkway. They mark the path w/ mile markers and we walked over a mile again. The kids are getting very good at this. On Thursday we visited Draper Library. We are so fortunate to have so many library choices in the valley. Friday we went to Petco in Sugarhouse and had a tour of the store then went to Little Caesars after and got some pizzas for lunch. We all loved it! We touched snakes, rabbits, ferrets,and dogs. We washed our hands really well before we ate our lunch!! Yikes. We then enjoyed the music of Micheal Jackson as we watched the new movie about his last concert tour he was making before he sadly died.

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