November 02, 2009

Monday here. Sounds like everyone had a fun Halloween weekend. Poor Andy though is feeling ill & stayed home today so we want to be sure to wish him well; "Hi Andy!Get well soon Buddy!"
We were looking at some of our pictures and found some cute ones of days past. Finally a picture of our beloved bridge. It's one of our favorite go to places. Before too much time passes, we want to congratulate Stacy for winning "Club Champion" and "longest drive" from the ladies golf association she was a part of this past summer(she has no idea this is being put in our blog!)
Welcome home Jan, welcome home Stuart.

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Jan said...

congratulations on your club champion golf honor. We think that is great, but we have lots of other honors we think you deserve also.Best mind for helping pull Life Long Learning together.Best Ideas for activities, Best Laugh, and best positive attitude. for Beau, you are right up there as Best friend.Congratulations on all.