October 29, 2009

Good Morning! We have been getting ready for Halloween around here. 2 more days! We all got pumpkins last Friday and the kids painted them so cute. Last year we carved them and the interest in finishing the job just wasn't there so Stacy and I found ourselves carving a lot of pumpkin...we opted for paint this year, our wrists are glad!
Some of our kids have had some excitement in their lives. Stu got to go on a family vacation. Ashley's sweet mom Susan, had surgery and is taking it easy.(Ashley had her on her mind the whole time...we did too) Beau's mom Jan got to go see Darby, Maddy, Will, and Rob in New Hampshire! (he missed her a lot) Kate, Maddy, April and Cameron have successfully established the art of Para Transit riding! Chad is going to start using it and we wish him the best of luck! We know he will be a pro before too long. Katrice has recovered from a major surgery and is back to her spunky little self. Andy has fallen head over heels for his darling new baby nephew James. We get to look at him every few days on a blog site. August, our newest friend, has adjusted so beautifully. We have learned he loves to type his friends names onto the computer and look at photos of the fun things we have done here. Daniel's cute Grandma Shirley is getting a brand new knee! lucky lady. Nate has been an amazing uncle helping his sister Camille with her little ones. Tawna loves coming on Fridays and tells us about her horse back riding. Sara brings food for the Food Bank every Thursday.
Yesterday on our cold walk by the Jordan River we took all of our stale bread and fed the ducks, geese and pigeons. Wow what a noisy busy bunch of critters, and fast. We would barely get a chunk of bread thrown down and it would disappear! Made a few of us nervous.


Darby said...

Great pictures! Your group has grown in size since we last visited you. You guys always look like you're having such a great time. Tell Beau nice bunny ears in the pumpkin picture!

Beau's mom said...

What fun times you have and such a beautiful bunch of people. I think your story and photos are 5:00 national news worthy!