October 21, 2009

Today and last Wednesday we walked and walked. Today we went to our bridge and threw Maple Tree seeds over the edge and watched them twirl and flutter down to the water. We then went to the park on the other side of the river and tossed fallen leaves up into the air and at each other. At one point Beau was so covered in leaves we weren't sure where he was!!! (wink wink).We got some great pictures and will get them on the blog here soon.
Last weeks walk was from Gardener Village all the way to a parking lot north about 2 miles. We were so proud of the kids once again. Ashley, August, Beau, Kate, Maddy, Jacque, Stuart, Andy, and Nate all came.
Yesterday, Daniel, Kate, Beau, Stuart, Ashley, Maddy, Nate and April all helped bake Tawna a Birthday cake. We will sing to her on Friday when she comes.
Andy has a new nephew named James! We want to wish his sister Jessica and his brother-in-law and him (Andy) congratulations on the new little baby boy! We all got to see pictures of him on Andy's sister's website...so cute!
We have a GET WELL SOON wish to send to Susan, Ashley's mom. She had surgery Monday. Ashley has been so brave while she has been gone. Take care!
We have decorated our Center (a few weeks ago) with all the cute Halloween decorations that Darby, Rob, Maddy and Will sent us last year from New Hampshire! We love them. (the decorations and Beau's sister and family)
Congratulations to August for swimming in the Special Olympics and winning a medal!! Woo hoo buddy! Way to go. Next time you go, we want to come and cheer you on.

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