October 07, 2009

For our walk yesterday we went to our bridge across the Jordan River right here in our Lifelong Learning Center neighborhood. The 10 of us walked more swiftly and with the least amount of complaining than ever on a walk before! We are so proud of the kids. A month or 2 ago we collected pine cones at Liberty Park and then saved them. Today we pulled them off the shelf, brought them along and threw them over our heads one at a time as we made wishes (the kids love this!!!). We each took turns and as they threw announced their wish...they are as follows: Ashley wished to listen to her new Harry Potter sound track CD she got for her Birthday last Saturday with her mother. Maddy wished for all of her friends to have fun!!. Kate wished she could have a diet coke on her next walk. Stuart wished to hang out with Beau soon. August wished for his Grandpa John to get better fast (Grandpa John is in the hospital):( Stacy wished for Summer to last forever. Andy wished that Stacy be his good friend...she told him she already was! His wish came true instantly! Jacque wished for ducks and music. Beau wished to watch a wrestling match. and Kathy wished to discover and buy a forever lasting car (no repairs).
Today we went to our second day in a row to the Food Bank (an hour each visit). So many of our friends look forward to this activity that we are trying it twice so more can participate. Sara, April, Daniel, Kate, Ashley, Stuart and Nate volunteered there today (Thursday). Beau, Kate, August, Andy, Ashley, Jacque, Maddy, and Stuart volunteered yesterday (Wed.). It's really amazing how many boxes of food the kids get sorted and ready for delivery to those who need it.

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