October 05, 2009

It was a chilly, blustery weekend. Blue seems the appropriate color. We however had the most beautiful day on Friday at Thanksgiving Point's Cornbelly Festival. 11 of us went and had a wonderful time! We went last year, had so much fun that we had to do it again. It's more than just a corn maze...it is go-carts, pig races, a spook alley, a hay ride, a "grain train", a singing chicken puppet show, and more! Augusts favorite part was "the pigs" (the races were darling!). Kate's favorite part was the "hay ride", Tawna was a dare devil and went through the spook alley which was her favorite part. Cameron was mesmerized by the pumpkin cannon which was his favorite. April loved the pig races also and Katrice loved the "train, hay ride and the racing ducks" (a water activity the kids could do). Maddy also loved the duck races. Chad loved the big go-carts and lastly but not least, Jacque loved the actual corn maze. It was gigantic this year and was cut in the shape of Larry H. Miller's face. We got lost in his earlobe a few times for sure! Everyone left happy and full from the picnic we packed. It was a great day.

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