July 13, 2009

We have had so many fun friends come to the Center that we have needed to invite Kathy Barrett to help out on a regular basis. The kids love her and she is very clever and crafty, thank Heavens!! She pulls a lot of tricks out of her many hats. Thanks to her 3 beautiful children, Ian, Ashley and Lauren for sharing her with us this summer.
We went for a walk at Liberty Park recently and threw rocks that we had painted over the bridge into the pond again. We have done this twice now. We just love hearing what everyone wishes for. Stuart's wishes have been for Beau to come hang out at his house soon on a weekend and his other was to be "President McQueen of the United States of America". Kate's wishes are to hang out with Amy and Rob. Beau's wishes are to get a cool guitar and to be a good drummer. Ashley's wishes are to play her Jimmy Neutron CD Rom game and to have fun with mom for a whole weekend. Maddy wished to play games with mom and dad. Kathy Barrett's wish was for the black widow spider in the jar in her car to die with out having to murder it . Kathy Britton's wishes are for at this time next year to have a vegetable garden growing with a white picket fence around it and the other is to be a prima ballerina (?). Stacy wished that everyone at Lifelong Learning Center be happy.
We want to tell our little Katrice that we are thinking of her and sending her get well quickly wishes as she recovers from her surgery. We miss her. What a funny little girl.
Happy week in California to our Maddy girl! Can't wait to see you next Monday morning and hope you are having a good time with Megan, Parker, Mom and Dad. Good luck to your brother Calvin as he goes on his mission too!
Daniel has been coming regularly and what a sunshine personality he has. He loves to bowl and help at the food bank. He talks about "Barton" aka "Mark Barton" all the time and loves to see him each day. Andy comes all the time now too and has become an amazing assistant when it comes to opening and shutting doors, carrying things to and from the van, turning off lights, helping fellow Center friends...thank you Andy!
Katie is adjusting beautifully to all the new friends here at the center. Her dear friend Cindy got married and moved to Missouri with her new husband Jeff. Also Kate got her para-transit pass and has been riding the bus in with Ashley! It puts a big smile on her face
Cameron is a summer regular and is a huge help in the kitchen! The other day for Mark's birthday cake, he cut a huge bowl of strawberries for us. As he looked at the finished product he said "that is so beautiful!"
Jesse and Jacque are both new and what great energy they bring. We love how when we shared the rule's of the Center with them that Jesse had rules of his own and proceeded to let us know what they were! So cute. Jacque is so bright and beautiful. She loves our music selection and our pictures.We enjoy having her come.
We have a volunteer named Dillon who we are so glad has chosen to come and assist us in our dailey activities. We feel fortunate to have him. The guys think he is cool and the girls think he is cute.Welcome Dillon!!!
Tawna is our Friday girl and what a bright spot she is. Always has a smile on her face and has become a good friend to Kate. The two of them have hit it off beautifully!
Thanks for joining us when you can Chad, you are a hoot and we look forward to visiting the firehouse with you.
Chris has decided to come and hang out with us as well! He is such a gentleman and has a funny sense of humor. We are glad he loves the place and visits us whenever his busy schedule lets him.
We want to thank in advance Kathy and Jamie, Stuart's parents for sharing their house and pool with us this coming Friday. We are looking forward to it!.
As we grow in numbers we are very conscious of the continued quality of our program. We want for each of our participants to get the love and attention they need and deserve.
Please look at our calendar and know that we are open to suggestions and comments about our activities.

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Beau's mom said...

I have noticed one thing that seems to be in every picture I see of these Lifelong friends ......A BIG SMILE! Thank you Lifelong Learning...