June 15, 2009

Hello dear Lifelong Learning friends. We have had a beautiful, wet, busy Spring. We have many new friends here and are filling our days with activities that bring us closer to the community, our families, the Earth, and each other. Some new faces around here are Jacquie, Chris, Katrice, Tawna, Cameron, Chad, along with Kate, Beau, Stuart, Ashley, Maddy, Andy, and Daniel. We love our new friends and can't wait to get to know all of them better.
We have continued to volunteer at the Utah Food Bank and have grown to love Jennifer and Kelly who greet us every week with smiling faces. The kids look forward to our going there. We are looking into volunteering at Welfare Square each week as well, another worthwhile facility that helps individuals in need.
For Mother's day we planted pretty flowers in flower pots and the kids loved doing that. We have a fun Father's day surprise coming up as well. We have celebrated Kate's birthday on the 10th and on that fun day we made her a yellow cake with pink frosting as well as homemade ice cream. She loved her special day.
Many of the enjoyable events we have participated in in the community are the Thanksgiving Point Lumber Jack show put on by Stihl. The kids loved watching the United States Air Force Rifle Drill team perform perfectly and were able to stand feet away from a Great Horned owl and a Golden Eagle. We also received signed hats from the Stihl people and signed posters from Jenny Atkinson, a female Lumber Jack (Jill?) thanking us for coming. We had a ball in spite of the torrential downpour that visited the whole venue for about a half hour.
We visited the amazing Kennecott copper mine, Hill Air Force Base Museum, had a private tour of The Whole Foods grocery Store on Highland Dr., went swimming, took the Trax train to Gateway, and had a picnic in Park City.
We are coming up on our 11th month of operation and are so pleased with the progress and success Lifelong Learning Center has experienced. We look forward to the day we can write about coming up on our 11th YEAR of operation.

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