April 23, 2009

A Blog moment! We have been so busy with fun things this Spring.
Some of them have been going to the Hannah Montana movie, petting the baby animals at Wheeler Farm, visiting the beautiful Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving point, going to the Dinosaur museum and watching a 3-D wide screen movie on The Wild's of Africa at Thanksgiving point. We have baked cookies, cupcakes, bunny cakes, painted rocks, made tissue paper flowers with which we decorated our walls with.
We have added a wonderful new friend named Daniel.
As time has been passing we have been fine tuning our menu and are getting a lot more hits than misses. The hits are hamburgers (cheeseburgers for Stuart and Kate!), Jan Brown's omelet's-in-a-bag, English muffin pizza's, breakfast for lunch, Stuart's fish tacos. Some of the misses are beef stew, baked potato bar, and tomato soup.
Each individual has their favorite activity or day... Ashley lives for library day, Kate's day centers around helping make lunch, Stuart totally gets into the Utah Food Bank morning (I do too!), Andy, Daniel, and Beau are our bowling champs, Miss Maddy loves shopping day and stands right next to us waiting to be asked to put items on the cart. In general we have happy campers who love to help us and each other. We feel fortunate to be "hanging out" with such pleasant, often goofy, kind human beings. Stacy and I literally thank our lucky star's each day for the Bartons, each child's parents/grandparents and this place we call "work".

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Beau's mom said...

What great pictures of some beautiful Lifelong friends....