April 14, 2009

Last Friday we went to the Hannah Montana movie and found it very entertaining. Kate said it best after as we were getting into the car...she had her pointer finger in the air and matter of factually said "that was a good movie" got in the car and we were off.
Before hand we went to yet another Domino's pizza where we met Ruth. She showed again how they carefully make a pizza and we got to help. We ate cheese stix, cheese pizza and the chicken bacon ranch pizza, all very delicious. Thank you thank you Domino's. They are always so cute with the kids.
Some of our new friends that have come because of Spring Break from South Valley are Chad, and Cameron. We went on another Front Runner Train ride to Ogden and had our picnic then went over to an old train display and took some great pictures. We had Andy, Ashley, Cameron, Chad, Maddy, Beau, Kate, & Stuart. It was a super trip. We want to say hey to Katrice who is in California visiting her sister! We miss you girl.
We would like to welcome Daniel from South Valley's class 3. He graduated from there and will be joining us Tuesday and Thursday. We feel so fortunate to have so many beautiful kids coming to our Center. We welcome Daniel wholeheartedly! He is looking forward to bowling with us ... he has his own ball and shoes!! Yowzer!
The group loved baking and decorating the Easter Bunny cakes. Each one was just a little different than the other. Beau, Kate, Stuart and Ashley are quite the artists. Maddy had the day off so Stacy surprised her and decorated hers for her to take home.
We also baked "Demeree's chocolate cherry cake surprise"... it's so cool! you put 5 cups of marshmallows on the bottom of a cake pan then make a chocolate cake mix the normal way, pour that on next. Then lastly put a can of cherry pie filling and spread it over as the 3rd layer. Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees. The surprise part is during the hour of baking, the marshmallows rise to the top and the cherries sink to the bottom. You put whipped cream on it when you serve it. It's very pretty and looks delicious (we haven't cut into it yet) we are going to share it with our Commercial lighting friends. We feel so lucky to work by such a nice bunch of people. They are always so pleasant with the kids...Thanks guys!

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