March 09, 2009

Our regular Friday Fish went swimming Friday and once again had a splashing good time. Strange though, our eyes were extra bloodshot from chlorine after... we think they were doing a scientific experiment on us. Talk about strong.
Nancy's dear friend from school named Rosemary learned about our beautiful center and generously sent us a monetary gift! We want to tell her thank you so much and that we appreciate it and will spend it wisely. She lives in Seattle Washington! My home town!
This morning Staurt brought in some delicious cake that his mom made over the weekend. We all got some and loved it. Thank you Kathy! I need to get that frosting recipe from you, it is extra good.
We got to go to Arby's for lunch today because Mr. Mark Barton found some free sandwich coupons on line and brought them in. They were their new burgers without all the grease sandwiches and all of us loved them. Really very good.
Kate's friend Cindi has been visiting her fiance in Missouri for a bit and called Kate over the weekend to let her know that she will be home by Friday to spend a day with her.Talk about one excited girl! She cannot stop thinking about it. Friends are great things.
Lucky girl Maddy is staying at Grandma and Grandpa's all week so that makes for 2 very happy girls. Grandmas and Grandpas are great things.
Our little Ashley gets to spend Friday with her Dad so let's see that makes 1...2...3 very happy girls.
Stuart brought all the colors of his Power Rangers in the other day. They protect and entertain us. Thanks Stuart and the Rangers (good name for a boy band!)
Beau and his dad Doug, took the "truck" to K-Mart yesterday and he got a new CD and head phones! Beau got to spend "$9" and dad spent
"75 cents". That's one nice dad.
Jan! The rice pudding recipe that was going to be typed in today is at home. It will get put in very soon.

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Beau's mom said...

I will anxiously wait for the rice pudding receipt. I'm so relieved that it did come from lifelong learning. I wasn't sure if Beau had picked it up from someone or somewhere along the ride home. Thanks