March 11, 2009

Andy, Billy, Stuart, Maddy, Ashley, Kate, Beau, and we went to All Star bowling in West Jordan yesterday. We saw many of our good friends from South Valley School! There was Cameron, Katrice, Josh, Wade, Trevor, LuAnne, Sharon, Lyn Rae, Chad, and many others. What a fun surprise for us.
Billy joined us for bowling and loved hanging out with his old pal Staurt. Thanks for coming Billy! We have missed you!
Today we all made Chicken and Biscuits together. Everyone added at least 3 ingredients each. This is one of the favorite activities here at the center (cooking). We made the biscuits from scratch and then each person (Maddy Beau, Kate, Stuart, and Ashley) cut with a shamrock shaped cookie cutter from New Hampshire (!:-)), a shamrock shaped biscuit for the top of the chicken mixture. It was fun and delicious. Stacy found the recipe in the Family Fun magazine.
We had a cute visitor today by the name of Geneil. She is Stacy's mom and it was great for the kids to see the Geneil behind "Geneil's Gumdrop Cookies". Stacy's poor (HA!) Dad Ron is in California playing Golf with his buddies so she has a little extra time on her hands. Thanks for the visit!
Today we went for our 3/4 mile walk to the river bridge. We took a penny each to throw over the edge and make a wish. Stuart's wish was for "Beau to be able to come to my Birthday party and go to the Jonas brother's movie" with us on the 20th. Beau's wish was for "Subway sandwich and to hang out with mom and Brook my girlfriend" Maddy's wish was "to have a good dinner with Grandma and Grandpa". Stacy's wish is for "Spring today". Kate's wish was to "hang out with Stacy". Ashley's wish was to "hang out with Susan my mom as mother and daughter". My wish is for 5 nights straight of uninterupted sleep. As we threw our pennies into the water we told our wish. It was quite fun.


Darby J said...

Who's Brook?

Beau's mom said...

Darby...Brook is the same girl at the Arcade that Beau has blushed over for years. When his sisters leave him.....That's what happens in life!

Beau's mom said...

It sure is GREAT to see so many smiles, on so many faces!
Thanks Everyone