March 16, 2009

Our little Maddy is not feeling well today...get better soon Maddy! We miss you!
Last Friday we went to the Draper Domino's Pizza parlor and we made a pepperoni pizza. Cliff, our friend there helped us make it. He sure was nice and patient with us. We learned how to make cinna-stix. Kate got to shake the cinnamon on them. Everyone got to put sauce and spread it over the crust then Stuart and Maddy put cheese then pepperoni on top of that. Stuart put the pizza in the oven. After it cooked slowly(6 minutes) Maddy and Cliff cut the pizza together with a rolling pizza cutter. Our Friday Fish turned into Friday Pizza makers! Thank you Domino's!
We then headed to Fort Douglas up by the University of Utah which had a lot of very interesting exhibits.They had been closed for quite some time for remodeling and have again opened to the public. It is nicely done. Stuart liked the big tanks, guns,and helicopters. Maddy and Kate just liked hanging out together on such a beautiful day.
Cindi, Kate's friend met us there and picked Kate up. They got to spend the rest of the day together. This morning Kate came in very happy and her face was one big smile. She had a wonderful time with her good friend.
Yesterday, Stuart went to his sister Mindy's house for dinner. She lives in Fairview with her husband and 2 little girls Paisley and Oakley. Both Beau and Stuart are uncles. Maddy, Beau's niece calls him "Kunka Beau". Paisley, Stuart's niece calls him"Dewey". They love their new nick names.
Ashley and her mom had chicken for dinner. She loved it. She also got her haircut so cute.
"Aunt Pat", my sister, had back surgery last Thursday and came home yesterday. She went with us to the zoo a few months ago. She is doing really well...a little sore but so much better than before. "Hello aunt Pat from Lifelong Learning Center, get well soon!!"
It is St Patrick's day tomorrow and we hope everyone will wear green so we don't have to pinch them. We are going to have green foods for lunch too...can't wait!

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