March 04, 2009

Happy Birthday to our Stacy Tyler! She is 45 and doesn't look a day over 42, I mean 24, girl, how do you do it?
We are on the Front Runner train right this very minute!We are on our way back from having a picnic in the Ogden Train station. Talk about a good time... There were Kate and Ashley sitting by each other eating their yummy sandwiches. Beau, Andy, and Stuart had a good time sharing chips, pudding and cookies.
We have extra friends today...Kathy Barrett, who was our beloved favorite substitute at South Valley from class 8 last year. Also my cute mom and dad "pops" came as well.
We had a little hiccup of course, it wouldn't be a Lifelong Learning Center day w/o one ...when we got to the train station in Salt Lake, we were told that the wind had blown a light pole over the tracks at Woods Cross so we were escorted onto a bus then driven to just past Woods Cross then put on the train. Everyone took it in stride and we just added it to our already fun adventure.
NEWSFLASH! We have just learned that the pole is cleared and that we get to ride the train all the way back to the big City. We want to say "thank you" to the very very nice UTA workers who treated us with kid gloves. They were great.
*rice pudding recipe coming.

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Darby J said...

Happy Birthday Stacy! I didn't think you were a day over 28!