February 27, 2009

We have a new goal and it's on the calendar so it won't get away from us, that would be blogging Monday morning and Thursday afternoon. This once a week stuff isn't working. We have so many great things happen here that a once a week sharing is not enough.
Our swimming time on Friday was so fun. We had a few extra friends join us! Beau, Katrice, Cameron, and Andy came in addition to our regular "Friday Fish" group of Maddy, Kate and Stuart. It was a great time. Beau, Stuart, Andy, Katrice, Stacy and I went down the slide 100 times! (OK, a bit of an exaggeration) So fun.
We got a beautiful package in the Mail from Beau's niece Maddy and nephew Will in New Hampshire. Beau opened it and it was full of St Patrick's Day decorations, sprinkles, garland, cookie cutters the shape of shamrocks. They also sent a container that holds a cake, cupcakes or deviled eggs! The kids love deviled eggs and we are going to make green ones on St. Patrick's day along with green milk, green mashed potatoes and green salad. We will make a few other green foods too. Anyway (a little distraction there) Thank you thank you dear Maddy and William. You guys are so thoughtful. We hope you are having so much fun at preschool Maddy. You are such a big girl.
From the chatter that has been going on here this morning, everyone had very nice weekends! The kids here have wonderful families that love them so much. Stacy and I don't have to worry about them on the weekends...we miss them but we don't worry, we know they are being loved.

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Darby J said...

Glad the package arrived. We had a St. Patty's Day Pancake party once (pancakes go green quite easily!!) and tried to make them in the shape of shamrock's.

Swimming and slides sounds so much more fun than what I'm doing...cleaning the bathroom! Have fun guys.