March 30, 2009

OH MY GOODNESS! GOOD NEWS! Demaree had her little baby girl this past week and we are so happy for her and Matt (her husband) and the other 3 kids they have at home. How wonderful that she has come. Her beautiful new name is Sydney Elizabeth...hope we spelled that correctly. Congratulations! Our best to the new baby girl.
The snow fell again. It keeps finding it's way down here. One of these days it will lose it's way and the sun will hang out longer. We are all looking forward to it...actually, Stuart who is always upbeat and claims daily that he loves the snow! He is so fun because EVERYTHING is his "favorite"...High School Musical 3 is his favorite as is Power Rangers as is Bolt and so on. Every lunch is his favorite as well. We love his attitude.
Ashley Blair's bus couldn't make it to her again. Miss you Ash! Hope you come back to us tomorrow.
Beau's mom Jan is still in "Hampshire" visiting. Brittney his sister went too. Lucky girls. Ladies, if you get to read this while you are there please know your son is doing great. After we went swimming on Friday he went into the exercise room and walked on the treadmill for about 15 minutes. He took coming those extra days in stride.
Kate the Great loves to go to the Utah Food Bank and help. When we are there she pulls cans of food out of a large box at the end of a large metal table. She then sets the cans on the table, slides them toward us to sort and put into boxes that are marked "canned fruit", "canned beans", "pasta" etc. She does it with a big smile on her face and has a hard time stopping when it's time to go. Maddy loves the place too.
Miss Maddy is quite the diet girl. She is so willing to eat the healthful foods that are helping her to slim down. We are so proud of her and know she will feel better in the long run. Her brother Calvin has been called on an LDS mission to Uruguay. He leaves in July. We wish him well.
Ashley chose some fun things to check out at the library on Thursday. We went to the South Jordan Library and she always finds a good yu-gi-o book or 2 and something about Indiana Jones whether it's a sound track or picture book. She LOVES Harrison Ford!
Our Andy Dandy is a serious bowler. He always comes on Tuesday prepared with a special bowling outfit. On Thursday, he digs in at the Food Bank . He is quite the little gentleman and always cleans up after himself at lunch without asking. He would put all the dishes in the dishwasher everyday if we let him.
Katrice and Cameron, 2 of our good friends from South Valley school came on Friday and are going to join us during Spring Break too on April 9th -13th. We had fun swimming together at Holladay Lions Recreation Center. Thanks for coming and we can't wait to see you both again.
Till next time!

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horselover said...

Thanks for taking such good care of Beau while we were in "Hampshire"! Beau- I'll see you Thursday!! Love - big sis.