March 24, 2009

Friday and Saturday were so lovely with the sunshine and warmer temperatures. We were able to celebrate Stuart's Birthday on Friday together. First we did our usual pizza making and baking at Stacy's then off to the movie, Race to Witch Mountain with "The Rock". It was so entertaining and fast moving everyone seemed to really enjoy it. We had hoped to go to The Jonas Brothers but it was no where to be found! We were so surprised because just the day before it was in almost every theatre. Wacky.
Afterwards we went to the park and Stuart's mom Kathy, provided a pinata in the shape of Lightening McQueen from the movie Cars. It was full to the brim with candy, pencils, and bottles of bubbles. Beau, Kate, Maddy and Stuart had a ball bashing it with a stick. They got about a months worth of candy each!
Yesterday with the snow fall, our little Ashley got snowed in! Her bus couldn't get up the hill to her house! We missed her so much. She keeps us on track when it comes to our schedule and helps us so much with making lunch. She is our little vanilla pudding eater too. She is back today and we are glad.
We wish Jan Beau's mom, a wonderful trip to New Hampshire to visit our dear friends Maddy, Will, Darby, and Rob. Doug and Beau will hold down the fort while you are gone we are sure.
This afternoon we are going bowling. We have really grown fond of our little Bonwood bowl on main street. This morning Stacy is helping everyone with Spring crafts. Andy, Kate, Stuart, Beau, Ashley, and Maddy will decorate our center with them. We are tired of the snowflakes we have hanging from our ceiling AND the snowflakes lingering around outside our center. We are thinking if we create spring inside , it will leak outside for certain. Wish us luck!

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