March 19, 2009

We had a fun time making green food. The menu ended up being: green beans, green deviled eggs, green salad, green mashed potatoes, green milk (for our milk drinkers), green pistachio pudding (for dessert). We also made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut them in the shape of shamrocks with a cookie cutter (from New Hampshire!!). Everyone participated in making it from beginning to end.
That afternoon the kids bowled some of their best games ever! It was a great day.
Yesterday (Wed), for baking we made shamrock shaped pretzels and baked them. We put green food coloring in sugar and sprinkled it on some and the rest got a cinnamon sugar mixture. Again everyone participated and really enjoyed it. They are all very good in the kitchen, willing to help and take turns.
The afternoon was so beautiful that we ventured off to the park where we swung on the swings and climbed on the monkey bars. The park was full of little ones. It felt so good to everyone to be outside and not be chilled.
Our Kate has the bug that's been going around now so we want to wish her a "get well soon girl!!"
Last evening Mark and Nancy Barton invited Stacy and me along with the Commercial Lighting Family to a play and dinner at the Desert Theatre. Home school Musical was playing. The actors did a fantastic job. It was so enjoyable and funny! What a great evening .Thanks for the treat.

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Darby J said...

That's A LOT of green food! Sounds yummy though. Did you guys go to a Domino's Pizza?