April 06, 2009

Happy Monday! We have sun today and are so happy about it.
Last Friday, Staurt, Maddy, Kate, Stacy and I went to the L.L.Bean Museum on the BYU campus. What a nice collection of animals. They made me sad at first but to see the variety and beauty of each creature was awe inspiring. They are cool on television but up close like that was very different and I appreciated them more. I know this isn't about me and I can't speak for the others but everyone seemed respectful and to really enjoy it as well.
Jamie, Stuart's dad gifted the center with 3 wii controllers so that more than just one person can play at a time. Pretty cool! very generous. Thank you Jamie.
Angie Lloyd came to our rescue in the form of a handicap parking permit to hang in our van window. What a great thing for her little Maddy who by the way has lost (as of last Thursday) 37 pounds!!!. Wow girl! And what a good sport about it you have been. Thank you Angie for the parking permit!
Thursday at the Utah Food Bank, we met a worker there by the name of Micheal. Ashley let him know that she was in a commercial for the food bank and he jumped all over that needing her autograph and talking her up! She loved it. What a nice guy.
The days are flying by...we started this blog Monday and here it is Wednesday. We stay so busy for the most part. Today we are decorating the bunny cakes that we baked yesterday. We are going to IFA and see the shipment of Spring chicks in the next day or 2. Then off to Wheeler farm where we hear there are tons of baby lambs, calves, and ducklings. We all love this time of year.
The kids are settled into our schedule and everyone has adjusted beautifully to each other. There are some cute friendships and conversations that go on. We take 100's of pictures which are wonderful but wish we could capture and record some of the chit chat we hear.
Jan, Beau's mom sent in a gift bag full of Spring things from raspberry muffin mixes to egg decorations, bunny shaped pasta and more. We are thankful to have the best kids in the world but are just as thankful for their terrific supportive parents!
Happy Easter
(FYI Fridays schedule has us flying kites however we see that it might rain so we may do something else)

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horselover said...

I *knew* Beau would love that ski mask. For the record it was my (Brittney's idea)