February 17, 2009

We were able to take part in a TV commercial for The Utah Food Bank! We have been volunteering there on Thursday mornings and enjoy it, when we got there Thursday last we were asked by one of the workers if we would like to participate in some "filming". Stacy said yes and before you knew it we were "walkers" in an ad letting the public know that they are hoping to move into a larger building and in order to do so they need to generate more money for the purchase of the building. What a great cause...with the economy being what it is they are finding a greater need for donations as well as volunteers.
It was fun to see the kids with their "acting hats" on. Andy and Stuart thought it was the greatest gig ever. Kate, Maddy, and Ashley were wondering why we had to keep going in and out of the same door so many times. Fair question. It really didn't make a whole lot of sense but channel 5 (they filmed it) assured us it would turn out right. We can't wait to see it aired.
Here's a little shout out to Andy Dandy! We miss you, so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Please get better soon buddy!
We swam on Friday again at the Holladay Lions Rec Center. What a terrific place for the kids to just relax and have fun but get an excellent work out at the same time. It has a slide which Stuart and I love and fountains spraying out every which way that Miss Maddy loves. There are floaty devices that Kate puts on then just cruises around everywhere like a happy little motor boat. She loves it.
Yesterday we had a few extra visitors from South Valley (they were out of school for President's day) Cameron, who has come a few times and Katrice from class 8 were both here. We are happy they came and they are both welcome back any time!
Just a reminder that Friday, February 27th is a special day in that we are going to ride the big Front Runner train to Ogden again and pack a picnic lunch. We are looking forward to it. Bob and Mary Jane, (my mom and dad) are going to join us. My dad can't stop talking about it. He better be on his best behavior or he won't get a Pepsi for lunch! (wink wink nudge nudge).
Yesterday for a President's day craft, Stacy had everyone paint tongue depressors red and white. Then they carefully glued them all together. Lastly they added blue somehow and then stamped little stars on them

They turned out to be flags! ...crafts make me nuts so I am so glad Stacy loves doing them and the kids do too. They also colored pictures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We love those men and everything they did for us as a nation.
Last but not least, Grandma Boyack, Thank you for the sweet card! The kids and we loved it... so glad you are feeling so much better. We are sure that whole ordeal has tested your patience.


Darby J said...

Oooooh, you guys are the first movie stars I can claim to know! What a great way to help their cause...with your acting. Sounds like a fun President's Day craft. We LOVE crafts here. We'll have to swap ideas sometime.

Beau's mom said...

I'm not surprised that such great people would serve in such a meaningful service. Keep us posted on when it will air on the TV. Thanks for all you do. I think this is the first time in Beau's life he hasn't got a stomach ache on Sunday evening, because Monday is here. He loves Lifelong learning!!!