February 23, 2009

Hello friends. We have all had a great weekend. I got up early this morning and heard a bird singing...oh my gosh, if that doesn't scream Spring I don't know what does! Pretty wonderful.
Beau came in this morning very excited to tell us the few choice words that Brittney his sister had to share with him on Thursday! So funny! "Booger brain" huh Brittney? Wow! could you be any meaner?
Maddy came in with a new Hello Kitty CD player and showed us all. pretty cute. She has lost 29 or more pounds on her diet! Good for you Maddy, that's amazing really!
We called Andy's house and found out that he is feeling so much better and will most likely be joining us tomorrow! Yea! We have missed him dearly. Colleen, his mom said that he received the get well letters we sent to him in the mail.
Kate the Great went to her cabin with her family the past few days. She is a hot tub queen. Nancy her mom made delicious french fries and cheddar cheese melted on top for them after Tim and Mark went skiing, Yum!
Stuart and his mom and dad hung out. He is excited about this coming Friday for family and Pizza! Liz, Tanner's (his brother) girlfriend and her brother's are coming to join them! He CAN'T wait.
Ashley had macaroni and cheese this past weekend...she LOVES pizza and macaroni and cheese. She hung out with her mom Susan. She sure loves her. She also got some new Yu-gi-oh cards...lucky girl.
Stacy went to St. George with her Mom and Dad and golfed. She also went through some fancy pants houses that were in the Parade of Homes down there. She had a very nice time.
I had my Mom and Dad over for dinner Sunday then watched the Academy Awards. We had Stuart's Fish Taco's...(thank you Stuart's mom Kathy, for the recipe, they are great!) Saturday, Bailey, Jocelyn (my daughters) and I went to the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, so entertaining.
We each had some nice days away but are all glad to be back together doing our Lifelong Learning stuff. What a great place.

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Beau's mom said...

Perhaps the new words of "Buger Brain," was in reference to the police officer that issued Brittney a speeding ticket on thursday when Beau stayed the day with her.sHE FAILED TO MENTION THE INCIDENT, BUT BEAU was very imprested with the lights and sound and the conversation between the two! He does come in quite handy at times