February 11, 2009

It's a chilly day but we went for a walk anyway. We went to the river bridge and back which is 3/4 mile. On our way there we collected sticks and rocks and then took turns throwing them over the bridge. I think we had more fun doing that than an expensive movie and the works! Beau and I are polar bears for sure, everyone else came back from the walk ready to get warmed up and he and I couldn't wait to get cooled off. We are walking furnaces.
What a fun bunch we had today. Ashley, Kate, Beau and Stuart. We also made Rice crispy treats together and then cut heart shapes out of them with cookie cutters that Darby, Will, Maddy and Rob gave us. They are cute.
We had delicious quesadillas for lunch and then made chex mix. We put the goodies we made in darling valentine's bags and the kids are going to give them to friends and family. They are excited to share them.
Stuart set the table for us, Kate is the amazing "stirer", Beau loves to go and get things from the Commercial Lighting employees for us and is the first to volunteer and Ashley is great at putting things back where they belong after lunch. Not one person complained about helping out today!
We played relaxing Dianna Krall and Chris Botti music...what a truly delightful day. Thank you for letting your children come and make our time here so pleasant.


Darby J said...

You are pretty awesome if you can get Beau to walk 3/4 of a mile! And double awesome if he had fun doing it. Happy Valentine's Day to all of my friends at the learning center. I am up making Valentine's Party snacks for Maddie's preschool Valentine's Day party tomorrow so I've got love on the brain...and now a sweet tooth for a rice krispie treat! Keep cooking!

Beau's mom said...

We loved the pretzels Beau made and brought home. What was the other delicious treat in the baggy that seemed baked and had rice in it? I took in a corner of the house and ate the whole thing myself....it did come from lifelong learning..right?