January 13, 2009

Wow! The font on that last blog entry was too big. We were reading through old blogs and noticed that we went to Macy's and got names from an "angle" tree...next year we will most likely get our names from an "Angel" tree. Those angle trees are all angular and bent over. (?)
We made some snowflakes out of tongue depressors, baby blue and white paint this morning. Stacy gets more excited about the crafts than the kids! It's great to watch her teach them a new idea that has come to her.The kids totally pick up on her love for crafts.
Andy helped make a large pot of stew for our lunch today while Maddy opted to shred. Beau and Ashley chose to put stamps on envelopes for Demaree. (They love doing that!)
Kate came in and told us about her ski day yesterday with her great friend Cindi. She went down the hill 3 times! Her thighs are pretty sore today but the smile on her face makes it obvious that it was probably a most excellent afternoon. Her dad Mark got to go too.
Our friend Stuart is in Hawaii this week...we miss him but are certain he is safe and having a wonderful time with his family.
We hear that Darby, Will and Maddy are coming back to town any day now!!! Welcome back our New Hampshire friends. They are Beau's sister, nephew and niece. I am sure Jan and Doug, Beau's mom and dad are so glad to see their grandbabies again.
Everyone is staying busy and happy these days. Bye for now.


Darby J said...

I love hearing about all the fun things you guys do at the center. Keep up the good blogging. I asked Beau if we could come visit you guys at the Center while we're in Utah. He said, "All right, I guess..." as you can probably picture him saying.

Beau's mom said...

Yes we are soooo excited for Darby and family to come. We get to have Uncle Rob come with Darby and the kids also this time. We hope to see some expertise on the Guitar Hero from him....I hear he gives Darby a run for her money. The BIG test will be everyone's talent up against Beau (master country western singer), on the Kareoke (spell?) country western music system. Lots of noise coming out of the Brown house next week. Don't be surprised if we are on the news,... being arrested for neighborhood noise violations!!!!