January 15, 2009

We have so many new friends coming and going here at the center that we are finding Blogging has been neglected. What a great problem to have! We have a little catching up to do.
Sara came last Wednesday to see us again! We missed her and are glad she helped us make cookies, dip pretzels, play UNO and make magazine collages again. She also made good friends with the shredding machine, that girl can shred!
It was fun to see Sara and Kate reconnect and to hear them discuss Christmas. Sara finally got to open the cute Christmas gift Beau had gotten her.
Darby, Maddy, and Will, Beau's sister and niece and nephew are flying into town again on Friday, welcome back to Utah!
Sweet Grandma Boyack is getting more medical attention due to a post surgery set back. We talk and think about you every day. We wish you a speedy recovery.
Maddy has joined us and we love having her cheerful enthusiasm and fancy dance moves back in our world...talk about a sweetheart. She has a friendly word and pleasant hello for everyone she meets.
Our Power Ranger buddy, Stuart is back from Hawaii and we wish him a big ALOHA! He had a wonderful warm time hiking and swimming in the ocean. Dreamy.
Kate's world is full of new friends and adjustment which she is dealing with so smoothly. She excitedly volunteers every day to help with making lunch and cleanup... lucky us! We are so proud of her and the way she shares the attention. One of her best friend's dog has been ill and she was so concerned about it.
For some reason Beau thinks it's hilarious to blame everything on me when things don't go just right, for example when we play UNO and someone needs to be skipped or has to take extra cards he says it's my fault, what a royal tease!
Ashley is our resident UNO queen. She has got that game down and plays it with careful thinking. It's fun to watch her strategize and lay down each card with care. When we went to the Gateway Discovery children's museum last week she enjoyed every exhibit. We got some great pictures of her on the helicopter and playing with the balls.
Andy is so great to have around. He bowls like a pro and is such a gentleman... come to think of it, all the young men here at the center are very much gentlemen. Andy told us the other day that he wants to be called Andy Dandy when we bowl, So Andy Dandy the bowler he is. We got great pics of him too.
We will get fun pictures downloaded today for everyone to enjoy!

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