January 26, 2009

We had an excellent day last Thursday at the Utah Food Bank. Stuart, Kate, Ashley, Andy and Maddy sorted cans of food and filled cardboard boxes with them. We all really enjoyed it. We did over 900 lbs. of food!. The kids seemed to understand that the food would be going to those who need it but don't have enough money right now to buy it at the store.
There was a photographer from the Deseret Newspaper there at the same time we were and he took several pictures of us in action. One of them ended up in Friday's news paper! It was exciting to see us in there.
Will, Maddy, and Darby are here from out of state and we can't wait to officially meet them. Wednesday they are coming for a visit in the afternoon. We are looking forward to putting faces to these nice people that we have been getting to know over the phone, through Christmas cards and through Beau's stories he tells us about them. Woo hoo!
Cindi and Kate get to hang out today. Cindy has been out of State (Missouri) to visit her fiance who is going to medical school. They have set a June 11th date for their wedding. She will make a beautiful bride. Kate and she have been friends since high school!
Andy is going to have a birthday on Saturday! It will be fun to celebrate with him on Friday. Maddy got to spend time with her Grandma and Grandpa this past weekend and she played board games with them. She loved it, you can see it in her eyes when she talks about it.
Stuart's Mom and Dad and Stacy's Mom and Dad are all home from Hawai'i. Aloha! and welcome home.
Ashley is so excited about bowling tomorrow, and library on Thursday. She loves having a schedule full of activities that she can look forward to. She reminds us of our next activity and we appreciate her ability to keep us on track. Thank you Ashley!!! We are glad you are here with us cute girl.

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