December 02, 2008

Hello friends!
We have had a busy day. Stuart came today after a little break. His sister Mindy had a baby boy and they named him Oakley...we love that name. Stuart is so happy about it. Congratulation!
We made sugar cookies and have cut them into shapes... a few of the shapes are stockings, snowmen, bells and Christmas trees. We also colored Christmas pictures together. There was a giggle fest there for awhile! Even though it's still a bit early we are getting excited about Christmas coming.
We set our tree up today and are going to decorate it and our cookies tomorrow.
Beau is excited about Will, Maddy and Darby visiting for Christmas. We get the latest rundown on it each day. We are looking forward to meeting them! What a terrific time of year.
We think about our service men and women all over the world spending Christmas away from home. It's been over a year now that Max, my son has been home from Baghdad where he spent 2 Christmas's. We have found a web site called that allows those of us who might be interested, to connect with a soldier who rarely or never gets mail or gifts.
Have a wonderful evening!

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