November 25, 2008

Wow time flies! We can't believe it's Tuesday. We have had some fun days. Today we spent the whole day cooking and baking. We made birthday cake (for me!!!), pink cream cheese frosting from scratch, Thanksgiving granola and filled cute pumpkin shaped jars, and 2 more pumpkin pies from scratch. We have washed a lot of dishes too.
Today beau's favorite part of the day was "lunch"... I don't blame him because everyday he brings beautiful "Jan Brown" sandwiches or wraps which make our mouths water!
Kate's favorite part of her day was making egg salad sandwiches with mustard, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. She put all the ingredients in herself. Our other 2 friends, Beau and Sara were busy making pies.
Sara's favorite part of the day was nothing specific...she just liked the whole day in general. She loves to stay in the center baking/cooking and laying low.
Sara wants to tell Isabella, Rossi, and Giselle "hello"! (her 3 nieces). Beau wants to send a "hello" to Maddy (his niece), his nephew Will and Murphy (his dog). Kate Wants to tell Sierra (herdog), Cindi, Amy and Rob "Hi" (her friends).
WOW! NEWS FLASH! Samantha, Sara's twin sister just came to visit w/her mom Traci to pick her up. It is so fun to see these 2 beautiful girls by each other. Fun fun for us.
We are going to "free day" at the zoo tomorrow so we will not have time to blog till next Monday so please all of you have a wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving Day and know that we here at Lifelong Learning Center are thankful for each of you.


Darby J said...

Maddie and Will send a "hello" back to you guys (I can't speak for Murphy). Happy Thanksgiving!

Beau's mom said...

Happy Birthday Kathy!!!!
We've decided that Commercial Lighting should not only sell light bulbs, but also pies, cakes and cookies! I'm so impressed..."from scratch".
As our family gets ready to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday this Thursday....we ponder the many blessings we have been given. One of our greatest being...all of you and the Lifelong Learning Center. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!