November 19, 2008

Today was so great outside that Beau and Rob blew the leaves in the parking lot into an area where Nancy, Kate, Stacy and I scooped them up and put them in a garbage can. We took 6 cans full to the dumpster. It didn't take long with all of us working together. It actually would have gone a lot faster if Stacy and Beau hadn't tried to blow dry each others hair, throw leaves in the air so that he had to re-blow them, and other goofy unproductive antics. OK, so they had fun and we laughed with them a ton.
We are off to bowling now! I wonder if we will have any energy left!
Oh one more thing...Kate and I danced for about 20 minutes to High School Musical 3 before lunch while Beau played the air guitar. Man that girl can dance!! We will have Mr. Beau up and boogey-ing before you know it! Have a great evening! LLC friends.


Darby J said...

I can totally picture Beau playing around with the leaf blower. Once I had him help me vacuum out my car and I looked back at him and he was trying to suck his hair into the vacuum! He is such a silly kid.

Beau's mom said...

Good luck getting Mr. Beau to dance.
I hope Kate's talents will rub off on him a little! A dancing, leaf blowing, guitar player!!!!