November 18, 2008

Finally getting to our blog! We have had some fun things happen and so we are excited to report.
Last Wednesday Beau turned 24 and we celebrated by going bowling and eating pizza at Godfather's. I had no idea that he is such an excellent bowler. He blew all of us away. Stacy and I loved watching Sara, Kate, and he having such a fun time. We have decided to bowl more often. Nancy, Mark, Jan, and Doug all came to cheer the birthday man on.
We all went to lunch and sang Happy Birthday...the Pizza parlor employees even helped us out. He got some nice gifts too. What a delightful boy/man.
Friday we got a taste of Christmas at it's finest. Stuart, Kate, Stacy and I went to Thanksgiving point again (we seem to really like that place!) they had a gingerbread festival going on. Talk about cute. The lighting was dim but festive feeling...not too dark. There was a Mrs. Clause walking around giving peppermint sticks to everyone.
Kate's favorite part was the cookie decorating station. For a dollar you could get a gingerbread or sugar cookie and decorate it w/ m&m's, frosting, colored sugars and such. She took it home to show mom and dad.
The miniature train demonstration was pretty cool too....
The gingerbread buildings were so clever and we took a lot of pictures. (We haven't gotten the knack of downloading pictures mastered yet...give us another 3 years we'll get it, Ha!) Anyway, the gingerbread festival was wonderful.
Stuart loved it all, running from one house to the next. His favorite gingerbread creation was the High School musical 3 replica. He took at least 8 pictures of it from every angle!
We had a fall leaf fight after. The trees there had dropped most of their leaves and there were piles and piles of them. We had to run through, throw, and play in them, such a beautiful fall this year.
We hope you all are enjoying this fresh, crisp, clean, time of year. Till next time... LLC friends.
P.S.! It's afternoon now and we baked 2 pumpkin pies. While they were in the oven we walked our beautiful walk to the river bridge, threw rocks over the edge and back... 3/4 mile!! We all took turns being the leader.


Darby J said...

What a great birthday party for Beau. He told me all about it and I could tell he was all smiles while talking.

Yummmm...gingerbread cookies sound good.

Beau's mom said...

Thanks to all for giving Beau the best birthday ever!Doug and I had such a great day with you. We got to see first hand why he comes home with such a BIG smile each day he has spent at Lifelong Learning.

PS...Yes, he is a bowling machine!!!