December 09, 2008

It's such a beautiful time of year with Christmas in the air. We love it here at the Center. We have decorated our tree in bright colors and thanks to Demarie we have a pretty tree skirt underneath it. She is getting quite large with child these days which is great but we will miss her generous help around here when she goes to have that lucky little baby.
Beau is so full of interesting stories each morning as he tells us "The adventures of Maddy and Will" His little niece and nephew and sister are visiting from out of state and he is loving the company. He told us that Murphy his dog was nervous because poor little Will fell over and bonked his forehead. He is so happy they are there visiting, you can see it in his face each morning. We are happy to hear that Grandma's hip is doing so much better.
On Friday Commercial lighting and Lifelong Learning Center had a chili party together. Kate, Stacy and I created a big pot of hot chili and thanks to Mark we got a delicious carrot cake...actually, thanks to Nancy and Mark we get to have delicious food and activities each day. We love this place.
On Thursday of last week, Stuart, Kate and we went to the most excellent Festival of Trees that many generous people put on each year. Stuart's favorite trees were covered in Ute football Red. Kate was so attracted to the BRIGHT lime green, hot pink, and purple colored trees (these were my favorite's too Kate!) Stacy of course took pictures of and loved the golf themed trees. There was one which had branches made of golf putters!
Today we get to go bowling and Andy, Stuart, Kate, Beau, Stacy and I are going to all bowl our best games... why not?
"Hi" to Sara who is coming to see us tomorrow, Woo Hoo!

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