October 16, 2008

Today was so beautiful outside that we had a picnic and a 3/4 mile walk to the river walk bridge and back Usually Beau is our caboose but today he led us the whole way. He was so glad to show Chad, our visitor the path.
Chad was visiting us because he had a day off from his regular school. His favorite part of our day was climbing on the monkey bars and going down the slides with Beau.
Tomorrow he would be coming but he needs to go play basketball at the special Olympics. Good Luck Chad and have a wonderful time Friday and Saturday!!!
Kate's day was full of smiles. She loved the swing. She stayed on the swing the whole time we were at the park. Laughing and talking.
Beau was a swinger for about 10 minutes on his tummy on his bottom... he twirled, he swirled. His favorite part of the day was the "jungle gym and slides".
We went to the library after where it was calm and relaxing. I think we all love the library for sure.
Chad wants me to mention last Friday night South Valley had their Homecoming dance and we saw him and danced with him. So fun. The dj's were great and the music rocked!!! Bye for now.

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Beau's mom said...

What a great Thursday for the friends of Lifelong Learning. Beau came home so excited about the river walk.....which is unique in itself , because Beau has never been one to get excited about any kind of walk! I'm so thrilled to see him get some fresh air and exercise. He so loves the library...He's come a long way since his days of the "wanted" posters in all local libraries..."Beau Brown...library Hopper"...no more fines, thank heavens!
Since Lifelong Learning, we've discovered a hidden love and talent of Beau's we were not aware of....cooking! He made a purchase today on his own while on a quick trip to the grocery store. He enthusiastically spotted the famous "Ove Glove" in the bakery department and said "Stacy wants me to buy these". Let us know if he insists on wearing them all day.....not just in the kitchen. Luckily they are not the regular price of $19.99, but clearanced to such a deal....$5.00.
Thanks again for such a fun Thursday and for sending home a young man with a great BIG smile on his face.