October 20, 2008

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Today we made our own pizza's and went to Costco. Beau was our cheese spreader, Kate put ham and pineapple on and Stuart was our pepperoni guy.
Speaking of Stuart...he got to come today! It was his first day. He and Beau became instant friends giving each other high fives throughout the day. I overheard Stuart say a few times "Beau is awesome".
Kate really enjoys that she has these 2 friends here with her to hang out with.
Last Friday was a special day because we had 6 of our friends with us. There was Cameron, Maddy, Kate, Beau, Dave and April. We went to the Thanksgiving Point Cornbelly Cornmaze...What a fun fun place! Oh my we had fun. There was so much more to it than just a corn maze. We were pleasantly surprised.
We had a picnic once again.Beau was a little concerned when I rode the mechanical bull but when he realized I was laughing and not crying he relaxed. What a tender hearted boy.
One more cool thing that happened today...Beau loaded a truck and went on a delivery run with Rob today. He is definitely one of the big worker guys.
Bye for now.

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