October 22, 2008

Hello Dear Friends, We have had a beautiful Fall day coloring, playing with play dough and baking apple crisp. It feels somewhat like we are getting ready for winter with the smell of cinnamon, oats and juicy apples in the air. We went for a short walk and it was definitely chilly...it's time after all.
Billy and his mom and dad came to visit yesterday and he is going to go with us on Friday to the pumpkin patch, Gardener Village and to Costco for a hot dog. We won't be in the center to blog for a few days, not until Monday.
Also yesterday, for lunch we made omelets in zip lock bags from a recipe that Beau's mom, Jan gave us... they were yummy delicious. Thank you Jan!
I rode my scooter in today and it took me half the day to warm up so as Nancy said I think it's time to "pack it in", bummer. When I bought it this Summer I called it my "vacation" and I'm not quite ready to give it up yet.
As we sat coloring ,mushing dough, and cutting apples today we laughed and talked and simply enjoyed the moment. What a great place Stacy and I get to call work.

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