October 29, 2008

We have let a few days go by since we last wrote. We have been so busy. Fall and Halloween have so many fun activities that they bring with them. We carved pumpkins Monday. Stuart made a bat and a skeleton. Oh by the way... welcome to Staurt who is now a regular at Lifelong Learning center on Mondays and Fridays!!! He is a delightful addition. Beau, Kate and he get along so well. Last Friday Billy came to the pumpkin patch with us and then Gardener Village and we had such a fun day. The weather has been so so cooperative. It really has been a beautiful Fall so far.
OK, back to Jack o' lanterns...Kate made a ghost. Her pumpkin is tiny like she is and we barely fit the cutest little ghost on there. Beau's beautiful pumpkin had a darling happy clown face. Stacy's was a mummy...it freaked Beau out. We put little flickery candles in them and turned all the lights out and had a Halloween moment. We also have some orange little lights around our white board and one door. It was a cross between scary and cozy. More cozy than scary though.
We found out that beau's Grandma had hip surgery! Oh my goodness, A huge "GET WELL" to you Beau's grandma.
It's been a cookie week with some cute cat and pumpkin decorated cookies that Nancy, Kate's mom gave us yesterday and today we made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. We did 2 different recipes at the same time and have chosen our favorite.
We are happy to say we are happy and wish you all the same!

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Beau's mom said...

What a busy Halloween week! We have loved the cookies...especially the pumpkin chocolate chip. They went down much too easy with a big tall glass of cold milk. Beau's pumpkin looks so great lit up on the porch tonight.Thank you so much for remembering Grandma...she loved the cookies and of course she cried when he gave them to her...the tears run in our family! Thanks for such a fun week...