October 14, 2008

K, here we are at day 52.
Kate, Beau, Stacy and I are huddled around this computer ready to compose this blog...we are waiting patiently for our frosting to firm up a bit...we have run out of powdered sugar and are hoping the butter in the frosting is going to get a little firmer in the freezer so here we are as I have already stated... Beau's favorite part of his day was making white frosting to frost the cookies from the mix that his mom Jan gave us. We are going to use the sprinkles that his sister Darby sent in the mail from New Hampshire. He has loved stirring and stirring.
Kate's favorite part of her day was making and eating spaghetti. She also liked cutting out the cookies with the ghost, pumpkin and cat shaped cookie cutters.
Yesterday the weather was a little cool so we had an indoor ball game with the huge koosh ball that Nancy, Kate's mom gave us to mess around with. It got quite wild in here...one of the commercial lighting girls, Demarie said it sounded like we were having a huge party!
We are excited about our Friday activity this week because we have a lot of fun friends joining us like Chad, Maddy, Cameron, April, David, Stuart and a few others that are looking at their schedules to see if they can come.We are going to go to a corn maze and a have a pic nic. I hope the weather is still good...I have a feeling it will be. Bye for now.

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