October 08, 2008

Today Beau crushed 180 light bulbs in our "bulb eater"! Yowzer! He also helped Kate and I with the salsa we made. It was an indoor day except for the trip to Smith's to get some cilantro and 2 green peppers. Beau ran full throttle to the cart corral to put the grocery basket away for us...looked a little bit like super man with his gray hoodie cape flowing in the wind.
Beau's favorite part of the day today was twirling the Salsa Maker machine and chopping up the onions. Pretty swift at it. Katie's favorite part of her day was lunch. She loved her chicken and rice casserole so much with mango salsa on top and cottage cheese she had 3 helpings. Yummy.
Jan, beau's mom is back in town and she brought him a Bon Jovi CD. He's pretty psyched about it. Sounds like she had a wonderful time in New Hampshire with Darby, Will, Maddie, and Rob.
Monday Kate got to hang out with Cindi her cute friend. Cindi takes her bike riding and hiking...lucky girl! They have known each other for years.
On Friday the 17th we are going to go to Thanksgiving Point and check out the corn Maze there. Should be fun. Maddy, April, Cameron, Beau, Kate, David R. and possibly Chad are all coming with us. Can't wait.
A big thank you to Brittney for getting our web site together! We havn't peeked at it yet but will soon and we will put the web site on our blog here in the next day or 2. Have a wonderful evening and we will be back for more soon!


Marva Brown said...

Sounds like you kids are having so much fun!

Marva Brown said...

I'm learning how to send a blog, thanks to Darby. We enjoyed coming to the open house to see where Beau is spending his days. What a wonderful environment, and Beau is such a happy camper now. Thanks for all you are doing, and the activities sound like so much fun. Grandma Brown