October 06, 2008


We got a hefty amount of rain this weekend which brought whiteness to the mountain tops... so beautiful and fresh.
Stacy's cute little mom Geneil, is recovering from her knee surgery so Stacy was helping out at her house for a few hours this morning. I was alone at the Center here when Beau arrived. He was a bit perplexed by her absence so I explained the situation and he was so empathetic and genuinely concerned for her. I could tell by his face and sweet questions that he was sad for her.
Last Friday Stacy , Katie and I made salsa together at my house with the 5000 (exaggeration of course) tomatoes I have in my garden. It was so delicious and fun that we are going to do it again with Beau on Wednesday...Yummy!
Jocelyn, my 17 year old was 2nd attendant to the Homecoming Queen at Riverton High school's homecoming football game on Thursday night. Max her big brother (23) was her escort, I had quite the smile on my face for those few moments. Fun times. They go by so quickly. The challenge is to enjoy not only each day but each moment. Here at Lifelong Learning we find ourselves very much living in and enjoying each moment.
Talk about enjoyng moments! We got a box of Halloween treasures from Darby, Beau's sister in New Hampshire! We have decorated this place and will soon take pictures and put them on our blog so you can all see how frightening this place is starting to look!

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