September 10, 2008

We have let some time go by since we started this bit o' blog. It's not that we have forgotten about it, it's simply that we have been doing so many other fun things that we haven't gotten to it. We went to the State Fair and saw many of the amazing products this great state's people have created and produced ie. art, food, flowers, cows, baby piglets, corn dogs, cotton candy, tattoos, ceramic lizards, and 100's of scrapbook pages.
We watched 7 beautiful tiger's perform in a cage with a man who fed them chunks of raw steak, pretty cool pretty cool.
Beau loved the art...especially the paintings. Katie was impressed by the tiger show. Beau was the lucky recipient of a kick butt crescent moon tattoo. It put a huge smile on his precious face.
Beau and Stacy baked sour dough bread Wednesday and Kate and I made chicken and rice soup...both were very yummy.
K, we are working on the photo situation. We are so close...anytime now.
we are getting ready for our open house which will be September 26th...everyone is welcome to check us out! Hope you can come.

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Darby J said...

Who is Beau always talking to? Maybe one of his silly sisters? =) I love hearing him tell me about what he did at the Lifelong Learning Center that day. There is always a chuckle as he tells me something that Stacey did that day.