August 27, 2008

lifelong learning friends

Here we are at Lifelong Learning center getting our acts together one step at a time. We love our new center! At the end of each day we pinch ourselves and ask if what we do is actually called "work".
We started out with Kate and now Beau has joined us. Billy has come a few times as well.
Kate the great's quote of the day is "Holy cow, I can't even say that without a giggle in my mouth"...cute.
Beau colored a bat man picture and it has joined kate's Tweety Bird masterpiece on our bulletin board. We also baked Zucchini chocolate chip brownies. The recipes we use rarely call for chocolate chips but we always find it necessary to add them. The employees and Commercial lighting customer's get to taste our wares.
Yesterday we went to Thanksgiving point and had an excellent time in the children's and Waterfall Garden sections. Wow what an amazingly excellent place to hang out if you at all like flowers, nature, waterfalls, beauty or happiness or, alright, you get the idea... we liked it a ton.
Billy got a little pink on the nose from the sun...note to selves...bring sunscreen next time!
Thanks for checking us out! More to too!

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