September 17, 2008

We are on day 33... where has the time gone?  Today we had a little more free time because we got our invitations out for our Open House on the 26th. We made some chocolate chip cookies and passed them out. Kate loves to do that. We got some beautiful golden Mums at the store to put in the big pots Nancy Barton brought in. 
Beau and Stacy caused a rucus with the magic markers, oh my gosh! talk about goofy. Beau and Kate keep us smiling with their cute comments...Katie said the other day that Stacy was working her fingers to the stip...yes to the stip. Beau had me cracking up when he said he was going to swat Stacy's behind. for some reason it just struck me as so so funny and I couldnt help but laugh which got everyone else going. 
The days in September are my favorite because they are a little cooler and everything feels a little more relaxed and like we are winding down from the fit everything in frenzy that summer seems to create. We at Lifelong Learning Center are glad to be apart of something new and wonderful and are glad to share it with you, our friends.

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