February 25, 2010

Great news! We have figured out how to get more pictures on our blog.
We have had some terrific busy weeks. Our winter walks have been indoor for the most part and last weeks walk at IKEA was effective with staircases & a lot of square footage. The kids really put their hearts and souls into it.
Jim's diner was a hit with everyone getting full on good grub...pancakes, cheeseburgers, hot cocoa, french fries. Now you can see why we need to fit walking in as often as possible!
Tuesday we were so proud of everyone at "baking" time; we made 2 batches of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, boiled pasta for spaghetti, cooked meatballs, garlic toast, green beans, & sauce in our little time slot. We were so impressed. The kids LOVE helping in the kitchen, it's chaos at it's happiest.
We baked a cake for August last week and sang Happy Birthday to him, what a nice guy he is. Friday we went to the Holladay Lions recreation center to swim. Everybody loved it once they got in. The slide & water works are so fun. They also have a lazy river. We definitely have great swimmers here.
Today we are going to make Stacy's birthday cake...white with white frosting. Everyone is so excited.
We will continue to add pictures from months past & soon we will have them all posted. We have taken over 3000.
Our visits to the Utah Food Bank continue to be so enjoyable and the kids have really grown to love the people that work there. Kelly, Hayley, Jessica, & The new man Brendan are always so welcoming. It's a great fit.

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