January 29, 2010

It's Friday again oh my goodness! Where do the days go? We have missed our Daniel and Stuart. Both are soaking up sun...lucky guys. We have had an emotional few weeks with the loss of dear friends and beloved pets. Our hearts go out to each person who is hurting right now.
Chad has made himself so at home here at the Center. We missed him last Friday as he was bowling in the Special Olympics. He won 2 Silver Medals! We have found that he loves Elvis and watches his old movies from the early 60's during leisure time. Cute.
August has been packed all week for our swimming at Andy's today. We reminded parents to bring swim gear in tow and his mother Chris said he has been packed for days! Cute again.
Beau has been so happy lately (not that he wasn't happy before ) but just happier and more helpful too. He has been holding the door for us and saying thank you to everything these days. What a doll. (can't use cute again!) We hear big sister Darby is headed to Utah for a visit again, love that. Can't wait to see little Maddy and Will too.
Stacy and I got to go to Katrice's birthday party at the bowling alley and met all the Aunt's and Uncle's...what a beautiful family she has. They adore her.We do too.
Tawna is our mighty hugger...oh my goodness that girl can hug. Always a smile and a hug. Her Mother Jan calls her "a party". Funny but true. She's our "Friday girl" We love that she comes.
Kate the great is adjusting beautifully to all the friends that continue to come to the Center. She has made some really good ones. She, Sara, Ashley, and Tawna have great conversations. It's so fun to eves drop. We are sure she misses her sweet Golden Lab, Sierra who passed a few weeks ago. She was a sweetheart to the family for years. We are so sorry she got sick. It makes us sad.
Cameron, our gentle guy of about 6 feet 5 inches comes when he can. He sometimes skips school (good ol' South Valley!) to join us for activities that appeal to him. He also bowled in the Special Olympics match and won 2 gold medals. Excellent! Everyone smiles when Cameron comes to visit.
Ashley lost her 10 year old Miss Kitty Blair this last week and her heart is hurting. She and her mother Susan will miss her terribly. What a sweet little girl. We are hurting with her and want her to know we care.
April is such a quiet happy girl. She loves to do puzzles and we finished one with Kittens on it yesterday. She talked about her bunny and 2 dogs. She adores them. She is going to Build A Bear with her friend Lori today...we will miss you April!
"Andrew Steven" as we like to call Andy, has a most precious baby nephew James. Jessica, his sister brought him to the Center the other day and we got to meet him! What a beautiful little guy. Andy loves him too you can tell. Thanks for bringing him here Jessica!
Nate the also Great has Stacy working almost full time on his new ipod...taking off "old" music and adding new. He loves such a variety of music...from Carrie Underwood to Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Stacy is such a great sport keeping his, Beau's, Kate's and Jacque's music machines always up to snuff.
Sara is like me and LOVES to sleep in. Each time she comes she says she didn't want to but is so glad she did. What a fun girl. Always glad to see everyone. She wants to have "get togethers" at her house and asks about having them each time she comes. They will be fun. We LOVED the Christmas luncheon we had there.
Stephanie, Stacy's niece is doing her internship here and the kids have really enjoyed her.
Stacy's cute little Bichon Frise, Wedge got very ill last week and the Doctor wasn't able to stabilize him. She had to let him go too. He was such a little cute boy. So sorry Stace.

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