September 24, 2009

This is a pretty Fall color. We went on the Heber Creeper Train trip Friday. Wow! what a beautiful day. The temperature was perfect, the time of year was perfect, the sky was perfect, the company was perfect, the amount of time on the train was perfect. Everyone loved tooling around the backside of the Wasatch Mountains. We almost had to turn some friends away but then Traci Sara's mom, offered to help drive some of the 18 of us up. It worked out perfectly. I know I know, it may seem we are using the word "perfect" a little too much but it really was so great. We met some new friends on the train by the name of Jack, Gwen, Pat and Bill (pictured). They are from Florida and are traveling around. We were lucky enough to bump into them on their journey! What sweet people, so cute with our kids. Thank you and have a safe trip guys! (they took our business card and are going to look up our blog to see their pictures)
Thank you too to the anonymous couple who donated $40 for us to get the kids snacks at the snack bar car on the train, how kind.
Sara, Beau, Cameron, Nate, Tawna, April, Andy, Stuart, Kate, Daniel, Jacque, Katrice, August, Maddy, Nancy, Traci, & we were all on the train. Some of the things we saw were Deer Creek reservoir, A covey of quail (about 100!), a herd of sheep getting a drink from the Provo River, fly fisher men and one woman, campers, 2 tubers floating lazily, a flock of birds, horses, a farmer or 2, gorgeous fall colors.
This week we have the Corn belly Corn maze at Thanksgiving Point to look forward to. We can't believe it's been a whole year since we last went... a super year at that.

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